At AmeriCall, we know that a successful direct mail campaign involves more than just sending out a mass-mailing to your prospect list and hoping for the best. In most cases, a friendly, knowledgeable follow-up call is the critical next step in helping to close the sale and to building a strong, long-term customer relationship.

Because we are experts in telemarketing and direct mail campaigns and have more than seven decades of experience, AmeriCall answering services can help your business or organization communicate directly with your prospects before, during, or after the direct marketing process. Our combined use of advanced technology and a broad knowledge base virtually guarantees that our follow-up and soft-sale calling programs will have a strong, positive impact on your bottom line. The net result will be increased revenue, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and an overall reduction in your per-lead costs.

If your business needs to dramatically change the effectiveness of its post-mailing efforts, call AmeriCall today to learn how we can help build on your current or future campaigns by:

Creating New Sales

Improving the Lead
Qualification Process

Reducing Overall
Post-Mailing Costs


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