AmeriCall is one of the nation's top inbound / outbound call centers and answering services, a company built on technological innovation and a philosophy of exceptional customer service.

Established in 1938, AmeriCall has more than 70 years of experience working with our many clients to provide both standard and fully customized answering and call center service solutions for a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing and sales to wholesale, magazine and website content subscriptions, medical, government (federal, state, and local), and much more.

In addition to providing the best answering services , the company devotes substantial resources to researching, developing, and integrating the latest communications technologies into our operational infrastructure, including cutting-edge outbound and inbound call center telephone systems, VOIP, advanced IVR, order processing software, and sophisticated automation systems designed to lower client costs and streamline operations, increasing productivity and profits.


In order to provide the most secure and reliable
operations and to prevent interruptions in service,
AmeriCall has implemented the following procedures:

• Criminal background checks and drug screening of all call center agents
• Secure facility with programmable key pad access
• PCI & Hacker Safe Security Verified computer network
• 100% virtual desktop agent platform that provides enhanced stability and data security
• On–site back up generator
• Automatic transfer switch energizing generator power within seconds of a power outage
• Automated monthly testing of generator
• UPS-Battery backup of all workstations and servers
• Fault tolerant server architecture
• Redundant power supplies
• RAID drive mirroring
• Automated daily data back ups
• Redundant T-1 data service
• Redundant T-1 telephone service from multiple carriers with failsafe switching to alternate carrier




Our mission is to provide our clients, and by extension their customers and clients, with superior communications products and services which meet and exceed their needs, provide our employees with fulfilling work and advancement opportunities, and contribute to the well-being of ourselves and the betterment of our community.


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