Your Customers Would Like to Speak With a Person When They Want Help

When your customers call your business, they probably want immediate service. In most cases, they’re calling for a reason and would like to speak with a person when they want help. Live personnel can provide quick and efficient customer service. There are several ways that your company can ensure that your customers reach a person when they want help.

Remote Receptionist

Providing a remote receptionist creates a buffer between company employees and the general public. For businesses without a brick-and-mortar establishment, a remote receptionist offers reassurance that someone is available to answer questions and offer assistance when needed. Having a live receptionist available bridges the gap between the convenience of automation and the need to call during regular business hours.

Inbound CallCenter Services

Inbound call center solutions route your clients to a live person who can answer questions and provide useful feedback when customers need help. For e-commerce and catalog companies, placing an order or providing details about the order fulfillment process eliminates the frustration customers experience when they know what they want but not how to get it. Telephone merchandise orders can be placed through a call center where personnel are trained with basic information about your company’s products and services.

Emergency Assistance

For healthcare professionals, it is important that clients can reach someone in the event of an emergency. Leaving a message with an emergency messaging and dispatch service or a live answering service provides clients with the peace of mind that someone can and will help them as soon as possible. For example, a doctor’s office may have a rotation of physicians and specialists on call to provide the patients with the care they need.

For more information about how AmeriCall’s call center services, live receptionist and live answering service can help your company, call 1-800-964-3556.

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