How Social Media Complaints and Responses Impact Your Company

Providing a positive customer service experience has become an integral part of a successful business. Statistics from a wide range of surveys and studies shows that customers will go elsewhere when they are unhappy, but they don’t always communicate their displeasure with the company’s customer service department. Businesses that provide stellar customer service through professionally managed outsourcing companies can enjoy positive feedback – or no feedback at all. In today’s business climate, when complaints are received, it’s important to resolve the issue and prevent further dissatisfaction. ┬áConsider these statistics:

  • Dissatisfied customers whose complaints are resolved are more likely than not to use a company again, and even become an advocate, according to Strauss & Seidel.
  • An American Express survey in 2012 revealed that half of all consumers who use social media for customer service reasons say that they do it because they want an actual response from the business about a specific issue.
  • Customers don’t always report a poor experience. According to statistics from Lee Resource, there are 26 other unhappy customers for every one complaint received. When complaints are taken seriously, the problem is hopefully not only resolved with the individual customer, but the root of the source is handled as well. A similar survey by 1Financial Training found that 96 percent of unhappy customers don’t register a complaint, and that 91 percent will leave and never come back.
  • Social media outlets are having a growing impact on businesses, especially when it comes to customer service. More and more customers are using social media comments, industry-related forums and review sites to express their pleasure and displeasure with how companies do business.

Whether it’s a company policy that draws anger or an individual that provides a poor response to a client’s needs, many business owners will never know when there is a problem. The issue at hand will never be discovered, and poor customer relations can continue and grow.

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