How to Keep Up With A Growing Demand for Your Help Desk

In a perfect world, your customers would use your products or services and never have a hiccup. It seems as your company grows, so grows your clientele, so grows the number of calls for your help desk. While providing instant customer service is important, sometimes it’s not realistic. Keeping your customers on hold isn’t realistic, either.

One solution that’s growing in popularity is to provide an automated customer service system tailored to your company. How well this format works for your business depends on several factors, including the types of help desk calls you receive and how varied the solutions are. With the latest in technology at your fingertips, however, there are customer service programs that are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Automated Customer Service

When customers need help, they want it at their convenience, not yours.  A 24-hour automated service provides immediate assistance for most help desk issues. Using an interactive voice response system (IVR) enables your company to handle issues with step-by-step instructions or yes and no answers. A touchtone keyboard access system can also provide interactive responses from the customer. The idea is to engage your customers and help them resolve their problems as quickly as possible while your office is closed or your help desk support team is helping someone else.

There are several scenarios where an automated system like this is helpful:

  • Common troubleshooting issues with straightforward solutions
  • Answering questions about product manufacturing
  • Providing order shipment and tracking information
  • Reporting service outages or malfunctions
  • Accepting payments

If the customers’ questions or concerns can’t be satisfied through the automated system, the system can transfer them to a live person on your help desk or offer another customer service center alternative.

Offering clients an automated troubleshooting system for support first will cut down on your help desk support traffic, making your skilled professionals available for more complex and unusual questions without compromising your company’s high customer service resolution record.

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