Are You Losing Clients At Their First Impression?

There can be only one first impression. A company’s receptionist is on the front lines, creating that first impression for everyone who calls the company’s phone number. This can be a challenge for businesses that don’t have an office staff or don’t have an office large enough to merit having an in-house receptionist to provide telephone answering services. There are many situations where having a receptionist to answer the phones is simply impractical, but not having one can cause companies to lose clients at their first impression. One solution to this perplexing situation is to hire a remote receptionist. The key advantage is that customers can have a positive experience when they call an office and won’t feel like they are talking to a machine or being ignored completely.

There are many different types of businesses where an in-house receptionist is impractical, but a remote telephone answering service works well.

  • Web-based services and e-commerce sites that receive few calls and may not even have a formal office location.
  • In companies that are run from a person’s home, it would be awkward to have a receptionist working there.
  • Business owners are so busy doing what they do best — running the company – that they may not have time to answer the phone, too.
  • Catalog companies may need more than one available voice to field orders, complaints and requests.
  • Businesses who want to improve their customer service experience.
  • Companies with 24-hour service in a specific niche, like doctors, law firms and service repair companies.

Having a remote receptionist is a practical solution for all of those situations. Consider other scenarios where potential clients might be concerned or surprised when a non-receptionist answers the phone. The president of the company, for example, should not be the first point of contact unless there’s some sort of emergency. Employees who are wonderful at their jobs may not be wonderful at answering the phone and talking to clients with a professional tone.

Choosing a live answering service to handle these duties is one way to ensure that clients are receiving proper customer service. As a result, they are not lost at the first impression.

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