The Evolution of the Call Center

The call center had its beginnings around the time the telephone became a household standard in the mid-1960s. Since that time, call centers have evolved into the technologically advanced support systems that exist today and make so much of customer service manageable for companies of all sizes. The First Call Centers The history of the call [...]

Why Customer Service is Vital in the Insurance Industry

While customer service is vital in every industry, it is especially important in the insurance field. As customers become ever-more confused with the changes in healthcare law and other types of reform, customer service will continue to take a prominent role in the delivery of insurance services to the public. However, handling the flood of [...]

Does Location Matter for Customer Service Call Centers?

Call center services is a growing industry. As businesses concentrate their efforts on marketing, customer service and gathering information from potential clients and current customers, someone needs to be on the other end of the phone line or email chat. Live personnel offer a human connection for businesses and brands trying to improve their conversion [...]

5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Customer Service Practices

You know who your competitors are, and you probably know what makes your company better than your competitors’. Good products aren’t enough, however. Quality customer service improves your customers’ actual experience. They can probably find what they need from a wide range of businesses. Keeping them happy throughout the process of ordering and receiving what [...]

How Social Media Complaints and Responses Impact Your Company

Providing a positive customer service experience has become an integral part of a successful business. Statistics from a wide range of surveys and studies shows that customers will go elsewhere when they are unhappy, but they don’t always communicate their displeasure with the company’s customer service department. Businesses that provide stellar customer service through professionally [...]

Exploring 5 Future Trends in Call Center Services

Like many aspects of business today, call center services are growing and changing. It’s no longer a matter of if customers can reach your company, but how can customers reach your company. Using outsourced personnel can make the difference between your business being available to answer questions and take orders, or opening the door for [...]

Why Consistency in Customer Service Counts

One of the great things about being a customer is that they can choose where to go for their products, and they have the freedom to decide which company will best serve their needs. Studies show that unhappy customers will shop elsewhere if they don’t get what they want in a way that fulfills their [...]